What is Mental Health?

What Is Mental Health? 

Mental health pertains to our psychological, emotional and social well-being. Whether you know it or not, mental health is involved in way we think, feel and how we act. It is also a major determining factor in how a person may handle stress, life choices and how we connect with others.  

During our life time, many experiences different trials with their mental health. Contributing factors that may affect a person's mental health include: 

If you are unsure if you or someone you may know is having trouble with their mental health, here are some signs to look for. 

Even though mental health normally has a negative stigma attached, it can also be good as well. Having positive mental health allows people to cope with stress, realize their worth and be more productive. Here are some ways to help maintain positive mental health: 

Those who are suffering with mental health problems should see a therapist and/or talk with their PCP about how to receive help.  

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