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Your weight doesn’t have to be a source of stress or disappointment. If you’re ready to take control of your weight, reaching a healthy level and staying there, contact Adebola Oyekoya, MD, at Guardian Physicians in Atlanta, Georgia. With her personalized weight management program, she empowers you to change your body and improve your overall wellness. For more information, call your nearest office or book your visit online.

Weight Management Q & A

What is a weight management program?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably looked into a wide range of weight loss programs. Some are highly calorie-restrictive, some require a significant amount of your time for meetings, and some include unsustainable exercise requirements. The weight management program at Guardian Physicians is different. 

Notice that it’s a weight management program, not a weight loss program. Other programs focus on helping you take off pounds but don’t give you any tools to maintain your new, healthy weight.

The Guardian Physicians team partners with you to help you reach your goal weight in a way that’s both healthy and sustainable. Then, they ensure you’re able to maintain this new weight long-term. In short, the dedicated practitioners help you say goodbye to yo-yoing numbers on the scale. 

What should I expect from a weight management program?

First, you should know that you’re working with a team that wants to see you succeed. The entire staff at Guardian Physicians strives to build a warm, friendly environment in which you always feel comfortable and never judged. 

Dr. Oyekoya and the team know that your journey to your ideal weight will be as unique as your body itself. They tailor your weight loss program to you based on what works for your body and your lifestyle.

To ensure that your weight loss program is as successful as possible, they check your body for health conditions that could be preventing weight loss, like hormone imbalances and thyroid conditions. Treating these issues can make a dramatic difference in your weight loss results.

Guardian Physicians also helps you make lifestyle changes. If, for example, you’re regularly on the go, they develop easy-to-prepare, travel-friendly meals that work with your schedule. If you hate running, they help you find an alternate form of exercise so you can get the physical fitness your body needs to burn fat, and, most importantly, maintain a healthy weight. 

How long will I need a weight management program?

The weight management program from Guardian Physicians is not a diet. It changes the way you live your life and focuses on improving your total wellness. You won’t be counting the days until you go off it because it will help you make sustainable, healthful food and lifestyle choices. 

These choices result in you feeling so good — both in your skin as you approach and hit your goal weight and in general thanks to improved nutritional intake — that most patients maintain these new habits for life.

To get started on weight loss management, call Guardian Physicians or book your appointment online.

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