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Preventive care is key to a long and healthy life. If you’re due for a physical exam, or you just want a check-up, schedule an appointment with Adebola Oyekoya, MD, at Guardian Physicians, located in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia. She offers all types of preventive care services and physicals, including annual physicals, school physicals, pre-employment physicals, and immigration physicals. To learn more or to book your visit, call or use the online scheduling tool today.

Preventative Care Q & A

What is preventive care? 

Preventive care is a type of medical care dedicated to ensuring that you’re healthy. It focuses on maintaining good health, managing chronic health problems, and preventing future complications and illnesses.

Preventive care is important at every age and every stage of life.

What does preventive care entail?

Preventive care involves various types of regular health screenings and physicals, including annual physicals, school physicals, and pre-employment physicals.

Dr. Oyekoya at Guardian Physicians tailors your preventive care services to your unique requirements and variables like your:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Health history
  • Risk factors

Factors such as these change the tests she performs, and the subjects she discusses with you during your appointment. For example, Dr. Oyekoya can offer special counseling, such as falls prevention counseling or prenatal counseling.

What happens during physical exams?

Physical exams vary by their type, such as:

Annual physical exams

The goal of an annual physical exam is to check on your overall health, monitor any chronic conditions, and perform simple tests in order to screen for signs of emerging health issues, like high blood pressure.

During your annual physical, Dr. Oyekoya also performs gender-specific exams, like prostate exams for men or Pap smears for women.

She then identifies your risk factors for disease and counsels you on lifestyle changes that can steer you in the right direction to avoid a diagnosis.

Even if you feel healthy, it’s important to attend your annual physical. If you do have an emerging condition or disease, the earlier you catch it, the better. Annual physical exams make early intervention much more likely.

School physicals 

Schools require that, before reporting back for the first day of school, your child completes a physical exam. School physicals ensure that your child is healthy, safe, and ready to take on the new school year. 

During a school physical exam, Dr. Oyekoya assesses your child’s health through a series of simple tests and examines their:

  • Vitals (body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure)
  • Eyesight
  • Height and weight

If your child has a history of physical, emotional, or mental illness, she also checks-in and makes sure that they’re still managing their symptoms well.

Finally, Dr. Oyekoya performs any necessary immunizations.

Pre-employment physicals

Many companies require that you complete a pre-employment physical before you report for your first day of work. Pre-employment physicals make sure that you’re physically, emotionally, and mentally fit enough to complete the work required of you at a new job.

Depending on what your company requires, physicals often include:

  • Drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Endurance and stamina testing
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Heart health testing
  • Physical ability testing
  • Hearing and vision testing

Please note that companies can legally request that you undergo a pre-employment physical only after they offer you a position. This way, they can’t discriminate against you based on a disability.

Preventive care is an essential part of your lifelong health journey. To schedule an appointment at Guardian Physicians today, call the practice or use the online booking tool.

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