What Goes into Geriatric Care?

Geriatric care is a branch of medicine that focuses on the unique health care needs of older adults. Family medicine specialist Dr. Adebola Oyekoya, who leads the team here at Guardian Physicians, is well known for her expertise and dedication in treating seniors at her busy practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

Read what Dr. Oyekoya has to say about the changing medical needs of older adults and what our geriatric speciality care includes.

Understanding the physical aspects of aging

As we age, our bodies undergo certain “wear-and-tear” changes that can impact our overall health and quality of life. Joints, for instance, become painful and less flexible as cartilage thins and ligaments stiffen. This can increase your fall risk and reduce the health benefits of activities you once enjoyed.

Older adults also tend to develop several chronic health conditions at once, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. This can make medical management much more difficult: Many medications interact with one another, cause debilitating side effects, and/or worsen the effects of one disease while treating another.

This doesn’t mean we suggest our seniors take a seat in the nearest rocking chair and stay there. Rather, the geriatric care we offer at Guardian Physicians is geared toward providing the specialty attention older adults require to maintain their highest level of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Understanding the psychosocial elements of geriatric care

Many of the physical declines related to aging can also greatly impact the emotional health and social wellbeing of seniors. Age-related vision loss and balance issues, for instance, may make it difficult to participate in social activities. Frustration associated with certain health conditions may cause worsening levels of stress and anxiety that can lead to depression, which also impacts your physical wellbeing.

The comprehensive geriatric care we provide at Guardian Physicians includes education and practical guidance regarding your shift to an active and fulfilling senior lifestyle. We also provide much-needed medical and emotional support as you or a loved one transitions from independent living to various levels of senior care.   

What is involved in geriatric care?

The comprehensive treatment you receive at Guardian Physicians is based upon individual needs and circumstances. Our is not a “one-fix-for-all” practice. Thus, your geriatric care plan may include:

As your primary care physician, Dr. Oyekoya also provides routine exams and sick visits for viruses, urinary tract infections, and other common illnesses that affect adults of all ages.

For top-level medical care, schedule a visit at Guardian Physicians today. We’re here to help you enjoy the healthiest life possible at every age.

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