How to eat clean on a budget:

Eating healthy foods can sometimes be very costly. We all want to be able to eat the organic options at the store but unfortunately can’t seem to fit it into the monthly budget. Here are a couple ways you can eat clean and stay within your budget. Support your local farmers market. All the produce at these markets are locally grow, which means they are fresh and have not been processed. Not only are you helping your wallet, but you are also helping your local farmers stay in business.

Another way is by avoiding trendy health foods. Social media has a way of marketing some unhealthy foods as “healthy food.” Do a little extra research before believing what a popular post says. The term “healthy” or “natural” on food labels, does not always mean that they are. This way of advertising food is not regulated and companies can put whatever they want you to believe on labels. These foods are often overpriced.

Adebola Oyekoya, MD Adebola Oyekoya, MD, leads Guardian Physicians, located in the Sandy Springs neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, as a family medicine physician. She offers the highest quality primary care in all areas, but she especially enjoys preventive care and treating chronic and acute conditions. Dr. Oyekoya earned her Doctor of Medicine from the Medical University of Lublin, a globally-ranked institution in Lublin, Poland. Afterward, she came to the United States, where she completed a residency in family medicine at John F. Kennedy Hospital in Edison, New Jersey. She is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. She’s passionate about providing advanced, comprehensive care for adolescents and adults, including specialized geriatrics care. Dr. Oyekoya offers patient-focused services, personalized to fit every unique individual who walks through the door. She also makes sure to inform and educate her patients so that they understand their health and feel empowered to take an active role in their care.

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