Exercise: The Advantages of Exercising

Regular exercise can help improve muscle strength and boost your stamina levels. Exercise helps improve the circulation of oxygen, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and delivers nutrients to you tissue. Once your heart health improves, you will have more energy throughout the day to tackle regular activities. 

Here are the benefits of exercising 

  1. Exercise can boost your energy levels.  
  2. Exercise improves mood. Typically, after a good workout, you tend to feel less stressed. Physical activity releases chemicals in the brain to help change your mood, leaving you happier and more relaxed.  
  3. Exercise controls weight. When exercising you can prevent weight gain or manage the current weight that you are at.  
  4. Exercise improves sleep.
  5. Exercise helps with health conditions. Exercising can prevent/manage health conditions including:  
    • Depression 

If you are finding it hard to exercise alone, consider having a workout buddy. This way you can hold each other accountable to the workout. In addition to the accountability, it may be more fun having someone to cheer you on.

Check with your PCP today on what exercises may be helpful to you!

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