Essential oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a healing component. Before big pharma companies, people used herbs and plants for sickness, diseases and healing purposes. These herbs and leaves can be made into oils that can be very beneficial to us. They can be used topical; some can be taken internally in the right doses, or diffused for aromatherapy. In our office we like to diffuse Jasmine for a calming sensation to help with any kind of anxiety being here may cause.

Peppermint can boost energy and help with digestion, lavender is used to relieve stress, and bergamot is used on the skin for conditions like, eczema. Before using any oil, we suggest you make sure it is 100 percent organic and natural. There are many oils that are being sold that have harmful chemicals in them, which cannot be ingested. Be wary when choosing which brands you are purchasing.

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