Benefits Of Stretching In The Morning

Dr. Adebola Oyekoya is a family medicine physician who leads our team here at Guardian Physicians in the Sandy Springs neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Our patients value her medical expertise, compassionate care, and ongoing commitment to our daily healthcare routines. 

Read her guidance regarding stretching to understand the importance of why it should be added to your daily morning routine and the benefits that it exudes. 

Why stretching is important

Stretching allows you to keep your muscles healthy, flexible and strong. Which results in the improvement in range of motion within our joints. Without stretching, the muscles become very short and tight. Therefore, not allowing full range of motion when needed because the muscles are too weak. This can make you more susceptible to muscle damage, joint pain, and straining of the muscles. 

To prevent this, regular stretching is recommended. This will help keep your muscles long and flexibe. We all know waking up from a good night's rest can be hard, but stretching can make it a bit easier. Stretching in the morning, for about 5-10 minutes, will get your mind and body ready for the day that is to come. Here are some ways that stretching can be beneficial to you. 

Improves Posture

Stretching your lower back, neck and shoulders after you wake up will help your muscles relax. Tense muscles can lead to poor posture. By stretching regularly, you are allowing your muscles to lengthen which can improve alignment and posture.

Helps Reduce and Manage Stress

Very often we wake up feeling tense and sore. This can be very typical when you have laid in one spot for a full night's rest. Well-stretched muscles help us feel more relaxed. Therefore leading us to the feeling of being less-stressed. 

Improves Blood Flow and Circulation 

By stretching, you are increasing the flow of blood to the muscles and joints that are being used in daily functions. This will also help improve the circulation of blood flow and nutrients within the body. 

Increases Overall Functional Performance

Stretching everyday uses your muscles and allows them to become more flexible. Therefore leading to more efficient movement and less energy being exerted in certain fucntions. 

Example Video of a Full Body Stretching Routine:

Here is a 15 minute video that shows a full body stretch that can improve your flexibility, mobility, and relaxtion.

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