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We put our patient's convenience as a priority, that's why we adopt Telemedicine in caring for our patients.


Telemedicine or Virtual Medicine is the use of technology to provide healthcare remotely. In other words, we'll treat you whenever you need, wherever you are, by using computers, tablets or smartphones.


Here are a few of the conveniences of telemedicine:



No transportation time or costs.
By seeing your doctor through telemedicine you avoid the hassles of traffic and don't have to waste valuable time traveling. This gives you more time to focus on your health.  You also save money on transportation costs such as parking, gas or public transportation. Inclement weather is no longer a factor when you have to access us through telemedicine.



No need to take time off of from work.

Telemedicine visits may eliminate the need to miss work for medical appointments. Since you can see us from anywhere, you can schedule visits during breaks at work, before work or after work! No need to sacrifice vacation days or get behind on projects.



Eliminate child or elder care issues

If you are a caretaker of elderly parents or children you'll agree with me that you often find it difficult to make time to care for yourself. Finding alternative care can be difficult and expensive. Telemedicine provides a great solution by allowing you to visit with us from the comfort of your home.



More Affordable

By eliminating travel costs and the need to take time off from work, telemedicine proves to be a more affordable option for healthcare.  Most insurance plans cover telemedicine care and Guardian Physicians offers very affordable rates for self-pay patients.  



Less Chance of Catching a New Illness

Through virtual visits, you can get the care you need while still avoiding unnecessary exposure to sick people



Less Time in the Waiting Room

Wait times are virtually eliminated by choosing a telemedicine visit.


Better Health

Telemedicine removes obstacles to care. You can see us as often as needed without many of the barriers which make physically going to the office challenging. Increased access to your doctor will enable you to better manage your health and wellness!